Mexican men's dress shirts manufacturer Alianza Textil Manufacturera has deployed New Generation Computing's Apparel Management Accounting System (AMAS) and The Production Manager (TPM) along with Foxfire Technologies' real-time data-collection engine to manage production, control inventory and issue purchase orders to suppliers in Mexico and the United States.

Installed at Alianza Textil's headquarters and factory in Abasolo, Mexico, the NGC/Foxfire product combination enables the company to integrate its sales, distribution, finance, production planning, administration, accounting, electronic data interchange and other functions onto one PC-based system. 

Commenting on the system, Ernesto Mena, general manager of Alianza Textil said: "Fewer supervisors are needed on the production floor, and each supervisor has more time to perform other important functions."

Established in 2000, the Alianza Textil has about 340 employees and expects to grow to about 1,500 employees within the next three years.