The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety has suspended the operations of a further three factories for failing to make progress in addressing identified safety concerns. 

The move, part of the Alliance's efforts to make Bangladesh's garment factories safe, brings the total number the organisation has now cut ties with to 83. The number has almost tripled in the first quarter the group insists it has a zero tolerance policy for factories that fail to make progress on remediation. 
"Ensuring worker safety is our top priority," said Alliance country director Jim Moriarty. "Factories with which we do business must undertake repairs in order to meet our safety standards, or they lose their right to make garments for our member companies, without exception." 

The three factories named as the latest to be suspended on the Alliance website are Hemple Rhee Mfg Co, Shamsher Apparels, and Mika Fashion. 
The Alliance performs independent inspections on the structural, electrical and fire safety of all factories from which its members source. Each factory is then provided with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) designed to help it address safety issues and achieve compliance with Alliance safety standards. The Alliance also provides technical advice and access to low-cost loans to assist factories with remediation.
At the halfway point of its five-year initiative, the Alliance has brought the total number of fully remediated factories to 28. This, however, is behind its target for the end of April.

Two more Bangladesh Alliance factories fully remediated