A new fast track CBI production alliance called Amerisource Alliance has been formed to help US apparel manufacturers and retailers take advantage of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI). The organisation will deliver full garment packages to US companies, said Dave Springett, president of the Alliance.

A group of US and Central American manufacturers came together to form the alliance. "Now US retailers and apparel manufacturers can access fast full package garment production - from yarn through package delivery - right here in the States," said Springett, adding that Amerisource will coordinate all facets of the supply chain, including country-of-origin documentation and production.

Amerisource represents the strategic alliance of the following US textile and trim manufacturers: Malden Mills (MMF fleece), Fabrictex (MMF knit), Unifi (textured polyester and nylon yarn), Minnesota Knitting (knit trim), Global Trim (labels), Asheboro Elastic (elastic), Freudenberg (interlining), and Lion Button (buttons).

To produce the full garment packages, Amerisource has included the following apparel manufacturers: The Fresco Group (El Salvador) and Grupo Beta (Honduras). Combined, the CBI partners contribute nine sewing facilities with over 5,000 operators.