The Global Plus Womens Series of AlvaForm technical fit body forms

The Global Plus Women's Series of AlvaForm technical fit body forms

A new tool to help fashion designers, apparel makers and retailers create well-fitting plus-size women's wear has been launched by fit specialist Alvanon Inc.

The new Global Plus Women's Series of AlvaForm technical fit body forms is based on three-dimensional body scans of thousands of plus-sized women ages 25-45 from across North America and Europe.

The new AlvaForm fit forms, or mannequins, represent the predominant shape, posture and balance of real customers - and address a large segment of the apparel industry that is laden with pent-up demand.

"Research shows that the plus-size market sector offers huge potential for fashion brands and retailers in nearly all Western markets," explains Ed Gribbin, president at Alvanon Inc.

"For example, The National Center for Health Statistics in the US reports that 66% of women are now either overweight or obese. And research group Mintel reports that in the UK 80% of plus-size women feel that too few stores offer enough choice for non-mainstream sizes.

"Two-thirds of women in America have plus-size body measurements or body shapes, yet only one-third are actually buying plus-size clothing today. Why the disconnect? Well, partly because plus-size women don't like the fashion selections available in their sizes, but mainly because current plus-sizes don't really fit their body shape well at all.

"These are compelling statistics. Brands looking to tap a large, ripe market are turning to the plus-size segment for growth."

The new fit forms are available in sizes that are equivalent to US sizes 16-24, UK sizes 20-28 and EU sizes 46-54 so that users can select the best core or sample size fit form and then validate fit across their apparel line's range of sizes.

"The Global Plus Series body forms, if implemented properly throughout a brand's supply chain, will ensure improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty," says Gribbin.

"But the benefits as a business resource extend beyond sales and marketing. Brands will find that they can dramatically reduce the number of sample iterations, which in turn cuts labour costs, overhead and international shipping costs, all while helping brands reduce lead-times and speed goods to market.

"In operation, brands can bring samples in from suppliers at different locations worldwide, all pre-fit approved on the proper Alvaforms, and then confirm that they will achieve product fit consistency across an increasingly diverse supply base.

"No matter where a garment is made, it is produced using the same, accurate three-dimensional body shape. Ultimately, the Global Plus fit form delivers value throughout the supply chain, from the point of design to the point of sale."