Fit specialist Alvanon is set to launch a technical fit mannequin that better mimics the fit of lingerie and swimwear on real women.

The Intimate/Swim Form enables Alvanon's new Intimate/Swim Form enables designers, manufacturers and retailers to create and market intimate apparel and swimwear that fits more women more consistently, while achieving greater comfort and customer satisfaction.

At 15% softer than its standard soft mannequins, the new soft memory foam approximates the softness of the human body for a more realistic fitting of compression wear fabrics.

"Previous generations of mannequins were not as soft and did not accommodate the underwire and bust fit very well," said Alvanon president Ed Gribbin.

"For that reason, designers could not assess fit on a mannequin with a desired degree of accuracy. The Intimate/Swim Form's new softer material more accurately imitates the fit of intimate apparel and swimwear on a real human."

Gribbin added that prior to the introduction of the new form, designers often relied on human models located at different points along a manufacturer's supply chain. The lack of consistency in various models' shapes undermined the designer's achieving a desired fit.

It enables designer to ensure that the new form enables designers to ensure that the same exact form fit dimensions appear at every point along the supply chain. This reduces the iteration of samples and cuts costs associated with using human models.

The form is available in the full torso style with a widened crotch for ease of creating tops and bottoms, with the option of having it freely stand on a tabletop and bottoms, with the option of having it freely stand on a table top or hang from the included full form stand. The form series is offered in traditional sizing that ranges from 34 to 36, B and C cup.

It is priced at US$1,675 plus shipping duties and taxes and will be launched at Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas.