Textile company Amartex Industries Ltd says it plans to spend INR60 crore on the establishment of 50 retail locations throughout India and an additional INR30 crore on a Chinese production base, to utilise China's manufacturing advantages.

Amartex aims to break into the exports sector in order to utilise the advantages of the end of global trade quotas. The company said in a release that the production and warehousing base in Ghanzou, China, will be able to take advantage of cheap labour and material and will help crack international markets.

Amartex is also establishing a manufacturing site in Haryana at an estimated cost of INR200 million, according to managing director Arun Grover.

The company presently operates six production plants in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Mumbai and Surat and owns 26 retail locations.

Amartex makes four million metres of cloth daily and sells its readymade clothing under the Groviano and Italio names.