This year's selling season for Europe's weavers and knitters will begin early ― and on the other side of the Atlantic ― with a two-day show for US buyers sponsored by the organizers of Premiere Vision on July l8 and l9. The idea is not only to whet the appetites of potential customers for Premiere Vision itself, which will as usual take place in Paris at the beginning of October, but to give the Americans, whose interest most European producers regard as crucial to the health of their own businesses, an exclusive preview of what they see as the most important technical and fashion trends in fabrics for winter 2001/2. "We have set up this event at the direct request of our regular PV exhibitors who see the opportunity to have two days of meetings and talks with customers on the other side of the Atlantic as a vital, and logical, extension of the marketing philosophy of PV itself," said a spokesperson for the exhibition. More than a hundred fabric producers, the majority members of either Espace Textile in France and ICE in Italy, will be taking part, and the final strategy for show will be thrashed out at the Premiere Vision European Concentration meeting currently scheduled for the first week in July. European Preview will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 West 18th Street, New York.