Two years of research, development and testing at AMF Reece have resulted in the launch of the company's first electronic lockstitch buttonhole machine, the S-5000.

Describing its new model as one of the "most technologically advanced" in the marketplace, AMF Reece emphasises that the S-5000 has been completely designed using a CAD system. And, unlike similar lockstitch buttonhole machines on the market, the company claims that the new design totally eliminates mechanical adjustments, as well as the need for cams and gears. The S-5000 has less than 35 moving parts, which makes for reliability, as well as being easy to service and operate.

It is recommended for a wide range of applications, from men's dress shirts to casual attire.

Fully electronic, all buttonhole parameters are set on the S-5000's control panel. A microprocessor automatically sets the width of the stitch bite, and buttonhole programs can be stored in the memory. Both purl and whip stitches can be sewn, at speeds of up to 4000 stitches per minute.

One feature of special interest is the 'jog' button, which allows thread breakages to be repaired almost instantaneously by automatically returning the machine to the precise location of the breakage for the repair to be made. The S-5000 also offers pneumatic clamping, thread trimming and thread tension, and an automatic lubricating system.