German lingerie company Triumph International has confirmed to just-style that up to 65 jobs are at risk at the firm's Swindon facility in the UK.

Work at the plant, related to the shipping and packing of the company's private label products, is now likely to be performed by the company's other manufacturing sites directly.

Triumph is reorganising operations in the UK in line with its global restructuring programme, which earlier in the month included 3,616 job losses in the Philippines and Thailand.

The company said: "In common with other businesses in this difficult economic climate, Triumph is affected by the global recession and the general downturn in consumer demand. The company needs to improve its distribution network, thus optimising customer service and reducing lead time."

Triumph said that written information will be given to the affected employees next week, with a full 30 day consultation process due. It said all severance arrangements will meet or exceed the standards of UK employment law.

"This reorganisation is a necessary step to keep the UK business competitive in extreme market conditions. The company deeply regrets that any job losses are being considered and will make every possible effort to ensure that all affected employees are being treated fairly and with respect for their contributions to the company," a statement added.