The European Commission should end anti-dumping measures against footwear imported from China and Vietnam, according to the Foreign Trade Association (FTA).

The pressure group said it had learned that the commission was looking to offer a compromise proposal at the conclusion of its review into the measures, which began in 2005.

"Owing to the non-transparent and secretive nature of anti-dumping investigations, details of this compromise are unclear," said FTA legal advisor Stuart Newman.

"However, it now looks more certain that the commission is intending to prolong the measures, rather than do the logical thing and terminate."

The FTA said reports indicated that the majority of EU Member States opposed a continuation of the measures, but added that it was worried that more might be won over in favour of an extension if the measures were prolonged for an extra year or two, rather than the potential five years.

"No prolongation, in whatever format the commission may come up with, is acceptable for European retailers and importers," said FTA secretary general Jan Eggert.

"Our members have been adversely affected by these unnecessary measures and I trust that Member States will oppose any prolongation when they are called upon to vote."