A new fabric capable of destroying germs and eliminating unpleasant odours has been developed by South Korean fibre firm Hyosung Corp.

The material, which incorporates silvered yarns and has been branded as Mipan Magic Silver, is said to have the ability to permanently destroy 99.9 per cent of harmful microbes. Recent tests carried out by the state-funded FITI Testing and Research Institute found that the fabric not only destroyed pneumonia, yellow staphylococcus and colitis but also the methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

A company spokesman explained that the fabric was suitable for underwear, bedclothes, sportswear and hospital wear.

Quoted in The Korea Herald he said: "Starting next year, Hyosung will produce 400 tons of the germ-killing fabric annually. Contact with the silver-containing fabrics will not cause any harmful side effects to the human body."