The value of US fabric and apparel imports rose by 15.9% to reach US$98.6bn during the year ended 30 June, according to just-released trade figures.

The US Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA) last week (8 August) also said the volume of apparel, fabric and fibre imports rose 9.8% over the year to 55.7bn square metre equivalent (sme). Apparel imports increased by 10.25% to 25.1 bn sme, while fabric and fibre imports were up 9.5% to 30.6bn sme.

In dollar terms, apparel imports rose by 15.37% to reach $75.6bn, while fabric and fibre imports were up 17.69% to $23bn.

China saw its exports to the US increase by 17.27% to $40bn, taking up a 40.61% share of total apparel and fabric imports. On a square metre basis, Chinese total imports were up 12.1% to 26bn sme, a 46.7% share.

The country saw fabric and fibre sales rise the most over the period, up 22.3% to US$11.1bn, a 14.9% increase in volume to 15.7bn sme.

Vietnam recorded a 20% increase in total imports in dollar terms to take some 6.9% of the US' apparel and fabric imports at $6.8bn. The volume of imports from Vietnam rose 23.5% to 3bn sme.

India also reported gains, with 14.95% growth on a dollar basis to give it a 5.7% share at $5.7bn. On a square metre basis, imports rose 9.94% to 3.3bn sme.

Indonesia rounded out the top four apparel exporters to the US, recording an 18.5% increase in dollar terms to US$5bn. It had a 5% share of US imports. On a square metre basis, imports rose 11.9% to 1.8bn sme.