Textile and apparel imports into the US fell by 1.3% in September as retailers planned conservatively for the upcoming holiday season, with year-on-year declines in seven of the top ten supply countries.

Official figures from the Department of Commerce's Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA), showed total textile and apparel imports slipped to 4.8bn square metre equivalents (SME) during the month.

Imports from the largest supplier, China, fell 0.7% to 2.51bn SME, with declines also seen from Vietnam (-3.9% to 254m SME), Pakistan (-12.0% to 187m SME), Mexico (-13.9% to 186m SME), Indonesia (-17.70% to 119m SME), South Korea (-9.8% to 101m SME) and Canada (-10.8% to 94m SME).

But Indian textile and apparel imports rose 3.05% to 280m SME, those from Bangladesh jumped 14.4% to 140m SME, and Honduras saw a gain of 9.98% to 109m SME.

Total textile imports were down 1.6% at 2.52bn SME in September, while apparel imports fell 0.9% to 2.29bn SME.

Apparel imports during the month saw a year-on-year increase from China (+0.9% to 1.14bn SME), Bangladesh (+6.5% to 122m SME), Honduras (+8.3% to 104m SME), Cambodia (+5.4% to 112m SME), India (+2.3% to 60m SME) and El Salvador (+13.4% to 71m SME).

But apparel imports fell from Vietnam (-4.9% to 169m SME), Indonesia (-17.6% to 88m SME), Mexico (-10.3% to 69m SME), and Pakistan (-9.12% to 49m SME).

The results mean that for the first nine months of the year, US imports of textiles and apparel are 0.1% lower than last year, at 40.97bn SME. Textile imports rose 2.1% to 23.1bn SME during the period, while apparel imports fell 2.9% to 17.9bn SME.