A building housing a garment factory has collapsed near the Indian city of Mumbai, killing three and injuring more.

At around 1am today (4 July) a two-storey building in the Shree Arihant complex collapsed in Bhiwandi, an area with many garment factories, The Wall Street Journal said.

So far 36 people have been rescued, while officials estimate that around eight people are still trapped inside, the report said. Those rescued are from a company called Big Garment.

The WSJ said the building was being extended, with some suggesting the collapse could have been caused by heavy monsoon rains.

Global union IndustriAll said it is investigating the union situation at the factory.

"This illustrates that the problem of exploited workers labouring in unsafe buildings is not restricted to Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Accord is one step, but the concept must spread to other countries," said IndustriAll general secretary Jyrki Raina.