Apparel was the fastest growing category globally last year, with the top ten brands growing by 29%, according to a brand value survey published today (21 May).

The 'Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands' report by Millward Brown revealed sporting goods giant Nike as the top apparel brand with a value of US$24.6bn. Ranking number 34, its brand value has increased 55% in the last year.

Yves Saint Laurent was the most valuable luxury brand at number 30, with a brand value that grew 14% to $25.87bn last year.

Aside from Nike, the brands with the greatest increases were Uniqlo, up 58%; and Adidas, up 47%. This, the report authors noted, illustrate one of the key category trends, the convergence of apparel and technology into wearables.

"Apparel is the fastest growing category with the top ten apparel brands growing by 29%, but all brands must continue to innovate and excite consumers to drive their businesses forward, something Google excels at. There is no room for complacency on quality or customer service as a brand's reputation can be dented in seconds through the power of social media."

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