A fashion retailer in Hong Kong has sparked outrage by launching an apparel line featuring swastikas and other Nazi party symbols.

The firm, known as izzue.com, found itself in hot water with shoppers and officials after using similar distasteful images such as red banners with white swastikas on top of iron crosses at some of its 14 stores.

The casual line features includes T-shirts with Nazi symbols and pictures of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Israeli Consul-General Eli Avidar told the South China Morning: "People were furious, hurt and shocked that such a thing could happen. It is unbearable to think that anyone can design a marketing campaign that desecrates the deaths of millions of people."

The company said today the designer wanted to give the collection a military theme and did not realise the symbols would cause upset.

It added it is now considering ditching the line and admitted some shoppers had complained about the collection and associated store decorations.