The November issue of La Bobina - the magazine founded in 1969 to serve the Spanish-speaking apparel and sewn products manufacturing industry - will be its last, its publishers have announced.

The decision follows a growing trend of major technology buying decisions being made in the US, but will mean its sister publication, Bobbin Magazine, will include select Latin American apparel executives in its circulation.

Susan Black, spokeswoman for publisher VNU Business Publications USA, said: "We're very proud of the important role La Bobina has played in the marketplace. It was a pioneer in bringing manufacturing and technology know-how to the Latin American sewn products industry and it also opened the doors for many vendors interested in selling to the market.

"But as the industry has become increasingly globalised during the past three decades, we find less need for a segmented publication of this nature. Instead we will focus our core resources and efforts on producing Bobbin, which today embraces a breadth of technology, sourcing, product development and retailing issues."