An internet web site that allows apparel businesses to source and compare new production partners and factories throughout the world has announced the rating of its 150th apparel production unit using the Business Evaluation Index (BEX) rating system.

The web site,, allows registered users to view a wide range of clothing production capacities, take part in a "virtual factory tour" and check on regularly updated available free capacities in the factories.

Run by Germany-based management consultancy Deutschland GmbH, the portal has around 1.000 registered clients throughout the European Union, the Middle East, Asia and the United States.

Apparel commerce managing director, Andreas Novak, said: "The apparel industry is dependant on global sources for manufacturing. With factory locations in distant places information provided in catalogues or online databases is not always reliable.

"We provide not only a detailed profile of the factory - assessing the factories using a rating system with 14 criteria -we give potential customers the opportunity to evaluate strengths and weaknesses before they actually contact the factory from the convenience of their own offices."

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