Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) has expanded its SigNature T DNA system for cotton supply chain security and traceability with the addition of six new manufacturers of Pimacott and Homegrown consumer goods.

The product authentication company says the new manufacturers from India, China, and Turkey, becoming part of the SigNature T DNA system will cover secure storage, maintenance, monitoring, inspection, sampling and testing of all DNA-tagged fibre, yarn, fabric and finished goods.

"The supply chain custody protocols and procedures, created by Applied DNA Sciences, have been implemented with the Pimacott- and Homegrown-trained teams, consistent with ISO 9001 quality management systems," says MeiLin Wan, VP of textiles for APDN.

These new manufacturers are already working with DNA-marked cotton produced in the 2015 ginning season. The unique, technology-enabled approach provides for proof of origin for the cotton used for the final goods, while preserving the purity from the source all the way to the consumer, explains APDN. 

"The most compelling reason to use SigNature T is that it automatically gives you source traceability or identity traceability (like US-grown, organically grown, or sustainably grown) for the cotton," says Dr. James Hayward, CEO of APDN. 

"We have seen, in just one year, the product from one tagging programme reach 500 stores. As a result of our growth in DNA supply from 5m pounds of cotton in FY2014 to 100m pounds in FY2015, we look forward to growth from ten SKUs to 1,000 SKUs, as well as growth in the number of outlets from 500 to 1,700 stores in the US, Canada and Mexico. This framework provides a business model for growth in this market and future supply chain ventures."