Nylon manufacturer Aquafil and online retail giant Amazon are the latest to commit to working towards circularity in their business practices by joining the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's circular economy network.

Italian company Aquafil is a manufacturer of Nylon 6 yarn. It has invested in sustainable production methods and developed the Econyl Regeneration system to rescue Nylon 6 waste and transform it into new raw material, which is then used to make new yarn for carpets, apparel and other applications.

Amazon has pioneered services such as 1-Click shopping, and its products include Prime, Kindle, Amazon Echo and Alexa. Its services include Amazon Second Chance, which helps customers trade-in, repair, and recycle devices, purchase refurbished products, and recycle packaging.

Switzerland-based ABB, is a global technology company specialising in electrification, industrial automation, motion and robotics, has also joined the Foundation. The company is working towards integrating the circular economy into its global strategy and embedding circularity across its entire operation.