US uniform maker Aramark Uniform Manufacturing has shut its factory in San Pedro de Las Colonias, Mexico, axing 600 workers in the process, a local government official confirmed to just-style.

The move comes as Mexico - and Latin America's - textiles industry is struggling on the back of falling demand from a slumping US economy.

In the first eight months of the year, Mexico lost 30,000 jobs as exports fell 8%. The country sells 80% of its textiles and apparel output to the US, employing some 470,000 people.

Gillermo Iniguez Mejia, who heads economic planning in San Pedro, said Aramark struggled under falling orders from US clients, prompting the firm to gradually reduce its workforce and shut its factory.

However, he said it's possible for the company to resurrect its activities next year if the industry's fortunes improve.

Aramark could not be reached for comment.

Iniguez said other factories in the town, part of the Coahuila municipality, have also shut recently, and prompting 1,200 job losses.

Mexico's plight is not an isolated case. Other textile producers in Central America - including Guatemala and Nicaragua - are struggling under falling sales to the US, as are leading producers in South America, including Peru, where 10,000 jobs are expected to go this year.

But the biggest victim appears to be Bolivia after the US removed its Atpda trade benefits for the country following Evo Morales' anti-American policies.

By Ivan Castano-Freeman.