ARAMARK Uniform Services (AUS), a provider of uniform and career apparel, petitioned the State of Washington to refund more than $6m to their Washington State customers. AUS began talks with the Washington State Department of Revenue (DOR) in May 1999 to review the tax rules applying to laundry services. Upon completion of the review it was determined that laundry services performed in Oregon were not subject to Washington sales tax and a refund was in order. ARAMARK assembled a team of accountants, legal, and information technology personnel to begin the enormous task of reviewing more than 1.8 million invoices processed between December 1994 and June 1999. After determining the refund amount ARAMARK worked closely with the DOR to verify the refund amount and file the appropriate claim. Refund checks totaling more than $6m were distributed on November 6, 2000, to more than 5,100 ARAMARK customers. In addition to the principal amount, interest will also be given. By filing the petition so early, ARAMARK Uniform Services customers will receive tax and interest for a full year more than would have otherwise been available. The refund is for 100 per cent of the sales tax plus interest calculated on an annual basis for 1995 through 1999 less a small fee to cover costs incurred by ARAMARK in its filing of the petition and its efforts to secure the refund. ARAMARK Uniform Services is a leading supplier of uniforms and career apparel, providing rental, purchase and lease programs to over 1.5 million people at more than 450,000 businesses. ARAMARK Corporation is a $7.2bn world leader in providing managed services - food and support services, uniform and career apparel, and childcare and early education programs. ARAMARK Corporation has over 160,000 employees serving 15 million people at 500,000 locations in 15 countries. For more information on ARAMARK Uniform Services visit