Uniform and career apparel company Aramark Uniform Services (AUS)has received high-praise for its environmental efforts.

The company, which clothes more than 450,000 individuals and businesses nationwide, has been presented with Industrial Excellence honors from the area chapters of the Water Environment Association both in Reading, Pa and Memphis, Tenn.

The annual awards from the Pennsylvania (PA WEA) and Kentucky/Tennessee (KY-TN WEA) Water Environment Associations recognize outstanding performance, by industry, in the area of industrial waste management. The award also recognizes how that performance protects the surface water and groundwater.

"The KY-TN WEA is proud to recognize companies like Aramark for excellence in environmental management. Our organization's primary goal is to enhance the water environment in Kentucky and Tennessee, and companies like Aramark help us achieve that goal," said Dr Larry Moore, Ph.D. P.E., vice president of the KY-TN WEA.

A typical AUS uniform laundry plant uses 80,000 gallons of water each day to launder more than 15,000 garments. All water needs to be treated before returning to water municipal systems.

All AUS plants have some form of basic treatment hardware installed in order to meet local municipal standards, but as part of a plant modernization effort, AUS is spending up to $750,000 for new wastewater treatment systems in each of the company's updated service plants.

The system was installed in the Reading plant in 1990 to meet changes in the municipal standards for water treatment. The city of Reading nominated Aramark for this year's award.

"We work closely with the city to ensure standards are met," said Lanny Butler, general manager for Aramark's Reading plant. "Not only does our custom-designed system help the city out, but also it saves us almost $5,000 a month in surcharges the city used to charge for treating our water for us."

The systems filter out and remove prohibitive pollutants such as heavy metals, oils and other environmentally hazardous materials. To ensure the systems are always operational, Aramark hired a full-time wastewater treatment maintenance manager to oversee operations.

The maintenance personnel are also sent to annual training at the company's midwest region office to ensure that standards are being met and education in the field is current. All the systems were designed in-house by an AUS engineering team.

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