Textile chemicals specialist Archroma is expanding its eco-friendly Earthcolors dyes collection along with new sustainable colour and finishing solutions for denim and casual wear.

Among the latest launches unveiled at the Denim Premiere Vision (DPV) show in Barcelona last week are new EarthColors dyes derived from agricultural waste to produce a palette of black, grey, green and brown for both jeans and T-shirts.

The collection, which is currently exclusive to brand owners only, is traceable through the supply chain thanks to hang tags that can be attached to each item of clothing with information about individual batches of colour and a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip that provides smartphone access to data on each garment.

Archroma has also teamed up with garment finishing specialist Tonello on T-shirts that are nitrogen dyed with laser finishing using Earthcolors.

Its Advanced Denim dyeing technology helps manufacturers and brands to produce denim based on the most efficient possible use of resources, in particular water. The dyeing technology enables savings of up to 92% in water, 87% in cotton waste and 30% in energy, compared to a conventional denim dyeing process, the company says.

New colour and finishing solutions that support denim and casual wear trends for autumn/winter 2017-2018 include Archroma ocean blue dyes, such as the new Diresul Caribbean Blue for a teal colour look.

The company also has solutions for blue and black concepts; Diresul RDT and Optisul C dyes for earthy and military looks; Optisul Blue C dye and new Printofix Blue T-WD pigment for wash-down effects with oxidative agents that mimic an indigo look on printing and coating; and functional finishes such as fluorine-free water repellency, soil and stain release.

Also new is a cotton poplin colour library with over 4300 readily available new shades to help the fashion industry select, develop and communicate seasonal colour palettes.

Archroma launches Color Atlas colour library concept