The “color-on-the-go” feature enables colours to be matched to a smartphone picture

The “color-on-the-go” feature enables colours to be matched to a smartphone picture

The Color Management service at textile chemicals specialist Archroma has launched a cotton poplin colour library with over 4300 readily available new shades to help the fashion industry select, develop and communicate seasonal colour palettes.

The business, which was launched 16 years ago, formulates, standardises and manages custom colours along the textile supply chain, helping fashion designers, brands, retailers and their suppliers to achieve accurate colours and accelerate their time to market.

The new colour library – called Color Atlas by Archroma – is a system that includes a "physical library" consisting of over 4300 colours and cotton poplin samples, in six volumes.

It also features a mobile-friendly Color Atlas Online that allows users to capture an image on a smart phone, and identify the closest Color Atlas shades; and "Engineered Color Standards" connected to online technical databases via mobile communication technology.

"With our new Color Atlas tool, we believe that we are redefining the concept of a colour library for the textile industry," explains Brad McClanahan, head of service businesses at Archroma Textile Specialties.

"We offer what we believe is a unique set of tools – through web-based software and customised services – for colour selection, colour development, colour standards, and the communication of seasonal colour palettes."

Chris Hipps, head of Archroma Color Management, adds: "Some features of the Color Atlas are already creating a lot of excitement with the designers who have had a sneak preview of the tools, such as the "color-on-the-go" feature. With this feature, you can capture images that inspire you and quickly find colour options using just a smart phone.

"We are also very excited about our patent-pending technology that adds swatch-specific information to each Engineered Color Standard, giving retailers, brands and mills instant access to more colour information."