George has set the standard for other leading retailers to follow with the announcement that 16 of its stores have gained awear store accreditation for disability access and service in a pioneering nationwide scheme.George is the first major clothes retailer to become involved in the awear Accreditation Scheme, which aims to ensure that fashionable clothes are fully and directly accessible to disabled people. In the pioneering pilot project, seven awear inspectors assessed stores between last December and April, and following consultation with management from George on specific details, have now awarded the 16 stores awear accreditation status. awear Clothing Forum Development Officer, Julian Wing, said: "The pilot project has not just been a learning process for the retailer but also a very valuable procedure for awear and a significant progression in the new accreditation scheme. Asda stores were ideal for the pilot project because they are usually based out of town, are new and spacious and employ full time staff who can be trained to welcome disabled customers. The next step now is to target other major clothes retailers in the UK so that further positive partnerships can be achieved."Head of marketing at George, Amanda Gavan, explained: "Promoting the awear Accreditation Scheme in the George stores has potential in raising sales and brand awareness."For more information about the awear Accreditation Scheme visit the website