Asia Fiber Holdings Limited has opened a strategic sales office in ShaanXi Province from which it intends to develop and expand its share of the polyester fibre market in China's western region.

To penetrate the country's wholesale polyester fiber markets located in ZhaoQing City in Jiejiang Province, NanTong City in JiangXu Province and KaiPing City in Guangdong Province, a series of special sales teams has also been set up.

Asia Fiber, which manufactures and distributes polyester fiber for use in socks, leisurewear and lingerie, predicts that these measures will result in an additional 5 per cent increase in sales revenue in 2002.

Last week the company said it was looking forward to China's entry into the World Trade Organisation in 2002, believing this will bring great commerical benefits. Ching Lung Po, chairman of Asia Fiber Holdings Limited, said: "We believe exports of textile related products will experience a significant increase and, as a result, the needs for synthetic yarns and filament produced by us will increase tremendously."

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