Global sales of textile machinery in 2001 retained some of their momentum from the previous year in the spinning and texturing sectors but weaving and circular knitting shipments did not sustain the rebound from 2000, a report said on Wednesday.

The study by Zurich-based International Textile Manufacturers Federation was compiled with the help of around 120 textile machinery makers around the world.

Its key 2001 findings were 84 per cent of all spinning machinery orders were from Asia, while the same continent was responsible for 94 per cent of all texturing machinery orders.

India was the largest recepient of cotton spindles followed by China, Pakistan and Bangladesh. China was also the biggest investor in wool spining machinery.

In the weaving machinery sector, 76 per cent of all looms went to Asia with China, Taiwan and Hong Kong the major destinations. Italy and Turkey accounted for the majority of the remaining 24 per cent.

The report added that in the circular and flat knitting machinery sector in 2001, shipments of large circular knitting machines fell 22 per cent with 63 per cent of all deliveries going to Asia and 20 per cent to Europe. Those two regions also accounted for the vast majority of electronic flat knitting machines.