Asics Tiger Corporation and Asics Corporation are seeking an injunction against all sales and distribution of the Nine West Group Inc's N-Punch shoe. On 25 October, Asics filed suit in New York's Federal District Court. In addition to an injunction, damages, costs and attorney fees are also being sought.

Asics claims the N-Punch shoe sports a design almost identical to its own well-known trademark, and is a 'knock-off' of the Onitsuka Tiger shoes which have been sold since the 1960s, and which Asics has recently brought back as the Classic Onitsuka Tiger.

Michael Zall, vice president and general counsel for Asics Tiger Corporation said "Asics has spent nearly forty years building a world renowned premium brand and nurturing the goodwill represented by the Asics Stripe trademark. Nine West is well aware of our heritage and our famous Stripe trademark and is intentionally trying to capture this heritage."