• Q2 net income JPY24.534bn – no comparison thanks to new year end
  • Net sales JPY265.097bn
  • Reports “steady” business thanks to running boom

Sporting apparel and footwear business Asics recorded a second quarter net profit of almost JPY25bn thanks to continued interest in sports overall, and running in particular.

The company quoted no comparisons with last year, thanks to a shift in its year-end reporting, except for sales in Japan, which it said had risen 0.2% to JPY55.803bn.

This was prompted by a decline in shoe sales to overseas sales subsidiaries, offset by steady sales of running shoes and Onitsuka Tiger shoes.

America’s sales were JPY89.683bn in the period, while revenues in Europe were JPY82.544bn.

Oceania/South-East and South Asia sales reached JPY13.486bn, and sales in East Asia were JPY23.126bn.

Asics said that “business was steady on the back of a high level of interest in sports owing to rising health consciousness, as well as a running boom”.

The company added: “In the US, particularly, which is one of the highest priority areas for the Asics Group, the footwear market and others continued to show steady growth.”