Assyst-Bullmer is to demonstrate its new B2B e-commerce solutions at Connect-IT 2000. Demonstrations of the newest releases of form.assyst and will display how these products enable tighter supply-chain integration for suppliers and vendors, and how customers can meet production demands during peak workload periods - all through web-enabled technology.form.assyst is a product data management system that allows users to digitally manage not only all product data but also the entire development process. With Internet access, manufacturing sites and agents can log-on to form.assyst through their web browser, retrieve product specifications and exchange information with their customers. External users are able to access up-to-date specification data through a secure, user-friendly, browser-based interface. The built-in toolkit allows users to create and access product specifications through the Internet in a matter of minutes. form.assyst provides more than the ability simply to publish specifications, since it allows Web-based users to update information remotely from their browser through an HTML interface. Another highlight of the Assyst-Bullmer booth will be, a unique, new web-based automatic marker-making service. With this service, customers have access to marker-making resources to cover peak demands or to manage other resource shortages, without investment in equipment, software, and the associated operating costs. produces reliable, consistent results and is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.