After testing special underwear for space on Japanese astronaut Takao Doi earlier this year the Japanese textile makers who supplied the special nano fabrics and fasteners have announced the experiment a success.

Since arriving at the International space station Doi wore specially designed shirts, shorts and underwear under the name "J-Wear."

Each article was finished with a special nanotech fabric developed by Toray that can repel static, wick away water, kill bacteria, neutralise odours, and "prevent fouling, or permanent odour infusion."

The space underwear also comes without any seams, and has easy fire-retardant hook-and-loop fasteners developed by the Kuraray Fastening Co.

The two companies say they are now working on a commercial product for the Japanese market, though they say they will be sold as comfort clothes rather than threads for astronauts.

By Michael Fitzpatrick.