The American Textile Manufacturers Institute (ATMI) has backed the governors of the US's four largest textile producing states who have sent a letter to President Bush, urging his administration to take action to support the ailing industry.

Charles A. Hayes, Guilford Mills, Inc and ATMI president, said: "The governors have recognised the clear threat the current textile crisis poses not only to their own states and constituencies, but to our nation's economy as a whole."

"We appreciate their call for President Bush to similarly recognise the urgency of this situation and to make maximum use of his powers under existing law to confront the problems caused by foreign unfair trade practices."

"President Bush has shown a commendable willingness to take actions to provide a level playing field for the steel industry. It is now time for him to similarly step up to the plate on behalf of the American textile industry, which if anything is facing even more difficult times.

"The hard-working textile employees in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina, as well as throughout the country, are looking to the President and his Administration to show this same concern for US textile jobs. Our industry contributes over $70bn to the national economy, and employs nearly one-half million people. These individuals need their President to go to bat for them."

Mr Hayes added that Asian currency devaluations, which had produced a 40 per cent reduction in textile and apparel imports into the US, had ravaged US-based companies. He also said that the US should take a more draconian approach towards child labour and other unfair trade practices.

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