The Manufacturing Excellence Taskforce of Australia (META) has joined forces with the Council of Textile & Fashion Industries of Australia (TFIA) to launch a new hub based around the textile and clothing industry.

The 'Collaboration Hub' is designed to increase the capability of Australian companies for high performance textile products in local and international markets. The Hub also aims to bring new levels of performance to textiles.

It comprises of 19 participants, representing seven manufacturing companies and six research organisations including Nobody Denim, Stewart, The Art Clothing Company, Melbourne Made, and Bruck Textiles.

META managing director, Zoran Angelkovski, said by bringing together manufacturing, research, and application skills, the hub will help identify and expand the creation of high performance textile products for performance oriented markets within the consumer, industrial, government and defence sectors.

"Australia has the opportunity to be a leading global player, transforming textile manufacturing from commodity-based and volume driven to high value-added products that have the ability to do everything from sensing and reacting to environmental changes to regulating body temperature."

The META Textiles Collaboration Hub will audit the health of the supply chain and understand the value proposition of Australian designed and made clothing to consumers, Angelkovski added.