Material and labour savings are just two of the benefits claimed by Denmark-based manufacturer Pagh Mørup since it installed Gerber Technology's new InfoMark Synchron labelling solution four months ago.

The children's apparel company, which has been a beta test site for the InfoMark and an active participant in the development process, says it is now anticipating payback on the system within one year.

"We've also determined that in the time it takes to apply the labels, our operators can complete the paperwork necessary to finish each spread and to prepare for the next one," says factory manager Keld Sorensen.

Installed on the Synchron Gerberspreader, the automatic labeller can place up to 25 labels per minute in virtually any rotational position on the top or intermediate plies of a spread.

And because it eliminates the need for plotter paper and its associated handling, operators are freed up to focus on other tasks and to prepare for the next spread while labelling occurs automatically.

Placement accuracy is enhanced with Gerber's SMS Spread Management System, an intelligent software package that controls all spread, label and cut instructions.

"The InfoMark Synchron has done a remarkable job in eliminating problems we've consistently experienced in the sewing area," adds Sorensen. "Prior to its installation, it was easy to lose or mix up plotted markers and, as a result, incorrect parts and sizes would be sent to the sewing line."