A new range of anti-pucker branded tapes has been launched by Avery Dennison Corporation for manufacturers producing stretch garments.

The woven and printed 'stretch' tapes can be used with a wide variety of different fabrics, including those with moderate stretch, and are suitable for neck tapes, waistbands, trims and packaging bands for garments such as for sports, kids and casual wear.

Crucially, the tapes are anti-puckering, even when steam-pressed, and their durability has been tested through 50 home launderings at 40°C.

The new woven and printed polyester branded tapes can also be stretched up to 10-15% without any deterioration in look or feel.
"Regular rigid tapes pucker when fabric recovers after stretching, but the new stretch tapes were designed to eliminate this problem," explains Barbara Weightman, Avery Dennison director, product management, woven labels.

"When sewn into a product, they move easily with the garment and relax back into place without restricting movement."