An international database of body shapes in different countries has been expanded to include the body dimensions of babies and toddlers for the first time.

The data is the result of a measurement survey carried out on 2,000 infants in France by the IFTH (Institut Francais du Textile et l'Habillement). Babies up to two years old were measured manually in France, while a 3D body scanner was used for toddlers between the ages of three and five.

The information has been incorporated into the iSize 'body dimension portal' developed by Human Solutions, where it can help improve the size and fit of children's products.

The body measurements and size tables from the French baby survey show that children have grown larger and stockier, with large differences between the smallest and the largest statures within the same age group. However, there is little difference between the various small, medium and large figures.

The iSize portal, which was launched in October 2009, helps apparel firms tailor their garments to shoppers in new markets by enabling them to check their ready-made size tables against international databases.

It includes international data pools on body shapes in different countries, and manufacturers can interactively modify their size tables in line with the databases.