China is among a group of countries to slate Turkey's attempts to monitor textile trade, Xinhau News Agency has reported.
China is said to have branded Turkey's proposal to the World Trade Organization on Friday for help with restricting textile imports unacceptable and one-sided.

Japan, India, Pakistan, Brazil and Chile have also voiced discontent over Turkey's actions.

Turkey claims that upturns in imports from countries such as China and India are harming the prospects of its own industry.

The country wants a work program in the WTO's Goods Council which would conduct thorough reviews of international textiles and clothing markets, and establish solutions to problems.

China, however, says that the proposal is not justified and that Turkey's share in the textile market has been unaffected since global trade quotas ended in January.

According to Chinese officials, Turkey is using the country as a scapegoat by making generalizations based on dubious figures.

They cite figures showing that Turkey is now the second-biggest supplier to the EU, holding a 14 per cent market share.