• Bagir will offer tailored garments online at a "very attractive" price point.
  • Company signs MoU with Israeli Sizer app.
  • Deal coincides with the rise in demand for tailored clothing.

Israel-based tailored clothing maker Bagir Group is to produce made-to-measure suits and tailored garments for the online marketplace following the signing of an agreement with body measuring app Sizer.

Through the partnership, the Sizer app will be developed to enable customers to buy a made-to-measure tailored suits or other tailored garments at a "very attractive" price point compared to the cost of buying the same suit from a traditional tailor.

The technology behind Israeli-based Sizer is market leading and has been patented in the US and is in the process of being patented in the European Union (EU), according to the companies.

Via a camera-phone on a mobile phone or tablet, the app directs the user to take several photos in specific poses, which are then converted into accurate measurements and used to provide size recommendations when shopping either online or in-store. To date, the companies say measurements have been provided to purchase non-tailored garments.

"This partnership is a strong combination," says Bagir Group CEO Eran Itzhak. "The Sizer technology is excellent and the level of accuracy it is able to obtain is impressive. In combination with our knowledge of tailoring and the required measurements to make uniquely tailored garments, we are well placed to introduce a very attractive new product to our markets. One which we are confident will appeal strongly to our client base."

The partnership between Bagir and Sizer, coincides with the rise in demand for tailored clothing, with consumers increasingly looking to purchase one-off or uniquely tailored items. Once the Sizer app has been modified to increase the number of measurements taken from each client necessary to produce a tailored garment. The new app will be incorporated into the company's customers' websites.

Sizer CEO Adam Kaplan adds: "We are a good fit. Bagir's knowledge of tailoring combined with the technical expertise we have built around obtaining accurate body measurements for clothing makes us strong partners. In approximately 12 weeks we will have the new product ready to use and we look forward to opening up the hitherto exclusive world of tailored garments to a much broader customer base."