A delegation from the Russian Association of Department Stores, which includes buyers from stores in Kalingrad and Saratov as well as Moscow and St Petersberg, will be particularly warmly welcomed visitors to the forthcoming Baltic Textile and Leather trade fair, which will be held in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius from September 11 to 14.

For the autumn 200l fair, the biggest yet in the ten-year history of the event, reflects the growing desire of Lithuanian producers to establish themselves as major exporters, particularly within their own region.

However as the Lithuanian textile industry expands, it is increasingly being seen as a target market by international machinery manufacturers and providers of specialist software services. Among the 200 exhibitors at the September exhibition will be participants from 2l other nations, with the Germans, Poles and Russians mounting national pavilion-based displays.

In support of the exhibition a series of visitor seminars have been organised. Among the themes to be covered and which the organisers consider particularly relevant to the developments now taking place within the Lithuania industry will be a session devoted to the growing global market for technical textiles.

By Sonia Roberts