A further 46 Alliance-affiliated factories have completed all material components outlined in their CAPs

A further 46 Alliance-affiliated factories have completed all material components outlined in their CAPs

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety says that during the month of August, a further 46 Alliance-affiliated factories completed all material components outlined in their Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), bringing the total number of CAP-completing factories to 166 – just one-quarter of its current active factories.

Set up in the aftermath of the Rana Plaza building collapse that killed more than 1,100 workers, the Alliance performs independent inspections on the structural, electrical and fire safety of all factories from which its members source. Each factory is then provided with a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) designed to help it address safety issues and achieve compliance with Alliance safety standards. The Alliance also provides technical advice and access to low-cost loans to assist factories with remediation.

"Alliance-affiliated factories are beginning to achieve completion of their required repairs at a rapid pace, and we are pleased to recognise those that have made worker safety a priority," says Alliance country director Jim Moriarty. "We remain confident that remediation will be largely completed across our factories by next year, and we are working with trusted partners now to enable our factory inspections, safety improvements and worker training and empowerment initiatives to be sustained over the long term."

The Alliance also continued to enforce accountability measures for factories that failed to make adequate remediation progress. In August, two factories were suspended from the Alliance compliant factory list, bringing the total number of suspended factories to 158.

According to its website, the Alliance currently has 655 active factories, with a total of 1.2m workers and an average of 1,819 workers per factory. Based on those figures, 25.3% of its active factories are CAP-completing facilities. 

The complete list of factories that have achieved substantial completion of their CAPs, as well as those that have been suspended, can be found on the Alliance website

Earlier this month, the Alliance said it is confident it can achieve its goal of establishing effective factory safety and worker power initiatives by 2018, at which point the group says it will not extend its tenure. 

Bangladesh Alliance will not extend beyond 2018

The platform of North America-based global apparel brands and retailers informed the BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association) of its decision on 16 August. The disclosure comes just months after the Bangladesh Accord extended its platform for a further three years.

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