The importance of health and safety committees at ready-made garment factories has been highlighted after a worker was killed by a faulty lift system in Bangladesh.

The incident at JL Sweaters Ltd happened on 9 December when a lift was called down from the sixth floor of the factory, but when the elevator car did not reach the right level, the worker fell to the ground floor. The person that died worked as a knitting operator.

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh said it had not inspected the lift in this factory because its inspection standard "does not cover the safety of elevators". Initial Accord inspections are focused on those hazards responsible for factory fires and building collapses, which constitute the largest ongoing risk to workers.

The incident, the Accord said, highlights the importance of establishing functioning, workplace level, labour-management safety and health committees at ready-made garment factories.

"Such committees are a proven mechanism for creating effective day-to-day safety and health monitoring systems and preventing industrial accidents and injuries. The Accord shall continue our work in building such committees at RMG factories in Bangladesh."

The Accord said it will continue to monitor the safety remediation from the initial inspection at JL Sweaters.