Bangladesh denim and apparel specialist M&J Group has made a number of advances at its Genesis washing and printing facility that have improved working conditions and helped increase the sustainability of its products.

A manufacturer for brands including Diesel, G-Star Raw and Jack & Jones, one of the latest updates is to connect all machinery and chemical consumption with the company's 'Start to Measure' system so that every customer can request a detailed report on water, gas, steam, electricity and chemical consumption.

The system also generates a unique QR Code, directly linked to the data chart providing authentic insight from each machine, in a closed and fully-integrated chain that not even the operator can modify.

"The aim is to adopt the big data approach to shape a new way of doing things in garment manufacturing, providing certifiable statistics and numbers to prospect improvements while establishing new criteria on transparency and traceability," the company explains.

Ongoing efforts to improve working conditions and achieve safer procedures and process have also led to the installation of an automatic dosing system for chemical usage so that workers do not come directly into contact with chemicals for around 90% of the time. M&J has also recently adopted a new washing process that recycles 50% of treated effluent from its wastewater treatment plant.

"In the ever-changing denim and apparel scenario, the company's strategy aims at leading a forefront approach in major garment manufacturing, relying on high-quality standards and unprecedented technological innovation," the company says. "The goal is not only to consolidate penetration in European markets, but also to provide an alternative model to fast-fashion standards."

The manufacturer produces 18m pieces of garments per year across seven facilities.