Korean apparel company The Basic House has implemented an RFID solution to gain visibility into its supply chain management and to overcome a number of problems typical of the apparel industry.

By combining UPM Raflatac DogBone RFID tags with its own tailor-made solutions and equipment, the retailer has achieved easy access to real-time, reliable product data.

As individually tagged garments are often transported in boxes containing multiple items, it developed a shielded gate to ensure accurate readings at the warehousing and delivery stages.

Since identification is not dependent on the tags' orientation inside the boxes, the solution is fast and reliable.

Also, the shielded gate is not confused by tags in other boxes nearby, a typical problem in warehouse surroundings.

The results include reduced labour costs in warehousing, distribution and at point-of-sale, opportunities for fast inventory, major improvements in forecasting and planning, reduced out-of-stock situations and improved customer service.

Crucial to the apparel industry, the Basic House now also has the ability to react quickly to customers' needs and forthcoming trends.