Sales of basketball footwear increased 14% in dollar terms last year

Sales of basketball footwear increased 14% in dollar terms last year

Basketball footwear has become one of the fastest growing athletic footwear categories in the US, according to new research.

In 2012, sales of basketball footwear, increased 14% in dollar terms over the prior year, market research company The NPD Group Inc found.

Sales have continued to grow into 2013, the firm added, with sales rising 11% in January and 6% in February year-on-year.

Historically, February has been one of the strongest months in terms of sales growth, with an average of 12% dollar share since 2009.

"In the past many thought that the February All-Star Game and March Madness drove the sales of the basketball footwear industry, but this year's results so far show that is not the case," said NPD chief industry analyst Marshal Cohen.

"Retailers and manufacturers frontloaded their new footwear collections to get an earlier start on sales demonstrating it is the launch of the 'second' season for basketball when retailers and brands sell new and more products that drive the business, not these events."

By brand, the basketball market continues to be dominated by Jordan, Nike, and Adidas. Last year, Adidas made significant gains in the category and has produced the highest market share increase since 2009.

New York, Chicago and Los Angeles were the top three cities for basketball revenue last year, while Washington, D.C. was the fastest growing of the top ten basketball footwear markets, and had the highest average selling price.

"Even though the younger generation who is purchasing basketball shoes is low on disposable income, they are the consumers who are jumping on the business. Basketball will be the category to watch as a key revenue driver in 2013," added Cohen.