Bata Shoe Company, Inc announces the introduction of Mercury(TM) PVC protective workboots.

The boots, which are being offered in standard and XCP (extra chemical protection) styles, provide superior protection, comfort and durability for users, the company claimed.

Among the advanced sole features of Mercury PVC workboots is much greater surface contact, which provides increased stability and comfort. The lowered toe spring design distributes weight better, reducing stress on the back. The boot's ribbed sole is more slip-resistant, lessening the risk of hydroplaning on wet or muddy surfaces.

Newly designed tread patterns channel out debris more effectively, increasing traction for wearers.

In addition, the Mercury workboot's snugger ankle fit reduces the likelihood of heel slippage. A wider shaft accommodates pant legs more easily, while the PVC compound used in the upper boot is more flexible and more comfortable. An improved built-in arch support system provides all-day wearability.

The boots are available in sizes 6 to 18 and come mainly in a plain toe style, or with optional ANSI/CSA-approved steel toe caps and extended steel shanks for added wearer protection.

For work environments where a substantial degree of extra protection against chemicals and other potentially harmful substances is required, Bata Shoe also offers Mercury XCP workboots. They provide enhanced protection against 55 oils and solvents, alkalies and organic acids.

About Bata Shoe Company
Bata Shoe Company, Inc, based in Belcamp, Maryland, manufactures PVC protective footwear. Its ISO 9001-certified production facility includes in-house laboratories, where its proprietary PVC compounds are formulated, maintained and mixed.

Founded in 1894, this multinational corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of footwear in the world, with operations in more than 60 countries.