An innovative new golfing shoe, manufactured by Swiss company, Bally, is using Bayer's abrasion-resistant plastic, Desmopan 481 for the shoe's outer sole.

The new Desmopan 481 sole is non-marking, which makes it kind to the green and clubhouse floor. It has also been developed to repel mud and wet grass - essential for all-weather players.

"Desmopan is a very versatile product and is ideal for this type of application due to its flexible, lightweight construction," says Andrew Baker, Bayer's UK speciality products manager.

"The soles can be made to the same strength as traditional materials, but the difference here is that Desmopan is much thinner, which ultimately makes the shoe more comfortable to wear. The manufacturer wanted to ensure optimum pressure distribution over the sole, giving the necessary lateral stability needed for comfortable walking while retaining a high degree of flexibility."

From Peter Embling, Shoestyle