Spanish sustainable yarn spinner Belda Llórens is teaming up with Dutch fibre solutions firm The Movement to verify its Ecolife recycled cotton yarns.

Based in Alicante, Belda Llórens is a family manufacturing company with 65 years of experience in the field. It has been manufacturing ecological yarn with recycled material for 30 years.

The Movement, meanwhile, offers innovative branded sustainable fibre and yarn solutions for the textile industry, including its new Aware technology that uses tracer particles and blockchain to guarantee that the recycled cotton that enters the supply chain is the same that comes out as apparel. 

Its agreement with Belda Llórens will make 100% traceable recycled cotton yarns available from Europe.

"We have always been pioneers with new developments in the textile industry," says Francisco Mataix, director of Belda Lloréns. "For us, real traceability is a must and with Aware, that is possible."

Feico van der Veen, CEO of The Movement, noted the partnership is the firm's first European collaboration.

Launched earlier this summer, Aware technology could help establish more trust in the textile industry.