Olimpias SpA, the manufacturing organisation of fashion company Benetton group, has completed the consolidation of 10 servers designed to optimise the company's IT infrastructure by leveraging existing skills and resources and standardising applications and data.

The goal of the consolidation was to concentrate physically and logically all production supporting applications, according to Olimpias' chief information officer Mario Pillon.

The company wanted a unique information system providing services to all plants, fully fitting the specific requirements of every manufacturing unit and guaranteeing a correct interface with the departmental applications, Pillon said.

The first phase of the project was the adaption of every plant information system to the iSeries installed in Ponzano Veneto and enhancement of the level of use of the Datatex solution in all those plants that had implemented a subset of the available functions. The second phase focused on the logical consolidation of the information system.

Olimpias, which is fully owned by Benetton, sells 30 per cent of its output to companies outside the business.