Bestfoods, maker of Rit dyes has launched a new website designed to help consumers add color to their lives. Packed with an array of ideas for sprucing up clothes, home furnishings and crafts, is not just a one-stop site for creative wardrobe solutions, but it's also a practical guide for the care and maintenance of clothes and fabrics.With colorful graphics, demonstrates how consumers can enliven their wardrobes, make truly original gifts for family and friends, and decorate their homes. Almost any fabric - as well as wood, wicker, plastic, and even paper - can be dyed with Rit products. Brilliant, customized colors can be created by mixing any of the 30 available Rit dyes, which range from sea foam green to tangerine.Mixing and matching colors is the heart of tie-dye fashion, which has reemerged as a distinctly individual form of pop culture. is the place to go to learn terrific tie-dye techniques to jazz up anything from T-shirts to the most formal and fashionable haut couture. Visitors to also can send friends cyber tie-dyed T-shirts.Along with an easy-to-follow primer called the "ABC's of Dyeing,"